Pneumatic bender 33-0

33-0 foot-operated bender is pneumatically powered for faster an easier batch production of identical shapes with high repetitional accuracy. It is equipped with a precision measuring instrument for settings down to 0.10 mm.

The maximum capacity is 50.00 mm high x 4 pt thick medium hard steel rules.

Figure below shows tools supplied with the bender.

The bender can also be supplied without pneumatics. Also as an extra accessory there is a digital caliper available.


Height 1210 mm
Length 520 mm
Width 520 mm
Weight 70 kg
Tool No. Radius, mm
F0-1 0.35
F1-1-1a 0.5
F2-2-2a 1.5
F3-3 2.0
F4-4 2.5
F5-5-5a 3.5
F6-6 4.5
F7-7 6.0
F8-8 7.5
F9-9 9.5
F10-10 12.0

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